There are numerous factors that will determine whether a hotel website is great. Such factors like simplicity of navigation, easy understandability of information and powerful functionality could all affect the user experience which in the end will be the deciding report card of the hotel website.

Hotels often take great extend in trying to provide the perfect ambiance and atmosphere for their customer. However, most of the hotels overlook the importance of providing a great website which will eventually be the gateway for their business.

Hotels are mostly catered to international and overseas customers. Most of these customers have not stayed in those hotels before. What make the customers click on the booking button could very much depend on how well the website has captured their attention.

Here, we study the traits of these beautiful hotels’ websites and hopefully through it, we will give web designers some inspiration for their next hotel project.

Visual Attraction

Customers will not go to a place where they have never seen before. Most of them are too busy to try anyway. In order to mentally prepare customers on what to expect and lure them to check into their hotel, they would need to look at their room, toilet, balcony etc.

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